oh hey other blog. you’ve been lonely, haven’t you? i should really either update this more or delete it.

i’ll be posting some DIY projects i’ve done today soon. super simple and cheap but it really helps brighten up a space. :) 

dear diary,

dear diary,

time to get ready and spend the day with my favorite girl. :) 

have a wonderful day. 

chloe and i are sitting on the couch getting her ready for bed and she grabs her belly and giggles and says, “look momma! belly! mom… it’s fat!” and continues laughing. 

you GUISE. did i really make this little nugget or am i being pranked because omgihitthejackpot. 


chloe just looked herself in the mirror and said, “i love you!” and pointed to herself. oh this is my child. there is no mistaking that.

dear diary,

just enrolled Chloe in an infant swim class that will teach her how to hold her breath underwater, roll onto her back to float, rest and breathe, then roll back over to resume swimming until she can reach the side of the pool and crawl out. 

i’m nervous but i believe in her.

dear diary,

it’s been a while since i posted something positive on this blog, hasn’t it?

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